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Webcams of Valdesqui | Ski resort

Valdesqui, Pradera (

Pradera (

Valdesqui, Bola del mundo (

Bola del mundo (

Valdesqui, Cota 1800 (

Cota 1800 (

Valdesqui, Parking (

Parking (

Valdesqui, Carretera acceso (

Carretera acceso (

Valdesqui, Puerto de Cotos (

Puerto de Cotos (

Valdesqui ski resort is located in the mountain area called : Sistema Central. It has about 22.2 kilometers to enjoy, to which skiers have access through their 15 ski lifts and that you can see in some of these live cameras. Regarding the minimum and maximum altitude of the ski resort, they are set at 1860 meters, the part that we could consider starting it until it reaches its high zone, located at 2280 meters of altitude.

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